Cleocin (Clindamycin)
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Product description: Clindamycin is an antibiotic that fights bacteria in the body. It is used to treat serious infections caused by bacteria.
Active Ingredient: Clindamycin
Cleocin as known as: Clindalind, Clinika, Dalacine, Clinsol, Clindabuc, Damiciclin, Clamine-t, Myclin, Divanon, Turimycin, Damiclin, Clinamicina, Luoqing, Dermabel, Borophen, Clindamycine, Lindacyn, Paradis, Clindox, Clindareach, Klinoksin, Damicine, Lindasol, Clinaram, Clindamax, Clindabeta, Torgyn, Clindal, Basocin, Klindagol, Clindacutin, Zindacline, Klindamycin, Trexen, Clinda-t, Clindobion, Opiclam, Clidan, Klamoxyl, Clidamacin, Biodasin, Cluvax, Jutaclin, Cleorobe, Sotomycin, Nufaclind, Clindacin, Aniclindan, Climadan, Cliofar, Clindamycinum, Clindanil, Clinda mip, Clindexcin, Clindahexal, Acnestop, Edason, Dentomycin, Biodaclin, Clindamek, Velkaderm, Comdasin, Clintopic, Clidacin, Clinwas, Handaramin, Klindacin, Bexon, Clendix, Ziana, Clindess, Clindasome, Clinium, Albiotin, Clinda-saar, Ygielle, Clinmas, Climadan acne, Tidact, Dalacin, Lexis, Niladacin, Clindamicina, Klindamicin, Klindaver, Clindasol, Clindaval, Bactemicina, Lintacin s, Clindastad, Klimicin, Clindopax, Z-clindacin, Clinidac, Cliz, Clinex, Eficline, Clinbercin, Veldom, Clinda-ipp, Benzolac cl, Prolic, Clinda, Dalagis t, Agis, Candid-cl, Indanox, Antirobe, Clindamicin, Midocin, Upderm, Botamycin-n, Klitopsin, Euroclin, Evoclin, Bioclindax, Rosil, Aknezel k, Ribomin, Meneklin, Permycin, Dalcap, Sobelin, Daclin, Clinimycin, Lindacil, Zumatic, Mediklin, Clinacnyl, Milorin, Anerocid, Clidets, Klin-amsa, Zindaclin, Panancocin s, Lindan, Dacin, Clindacne, Fouch, Clindagel, Aknet, Topicil, Clin, Derma, Clinda-derm, Medacin, Cutaclin, Clindamyl, Lanacine, Ethidan, Clindana, Clindesse, Clidacin-t, Clindacyn, Clin-sanorania, Lisiken, Clindacyl, Clinacin, Klindan, Arfarel, Clinfol, Naxoclinda, Clindoral, Toliken, Clintabs, Clindets

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