Calan (Verapamil)
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Product description: Calan is a calcium channel blocker which is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), to prevent chest pain (angina), and to control heart rate.
Active Ingredient: Verapamil
Calan as known as: Confit, Verap, Cardinorm, Veracaps sr, Vera, Verakard, Staveran, Verapress, Veratad, Cordamil, Vera-ct, Cordichin, Flamon, Ikapress, Verogalid, Verasal, Securon, Tricen, Vera heumann, Veranorm, Lekoptin, Angimon, Finoptin, Verapal, Veracor, Veral, Veracapt, Veraptin, Rositol, Ikacor, Vérapamil, Veroptinstada, Caveril, Veramex, Hexasoptin, Isoptina, Vera-lich, Verapamilo, Izopamil, Cordilox, Magotiron, Verisop, Azupamil, Verasol, Verabeta, Cardiover, Vasolan, Veragamma, Cardioprotect, Quindura, Calaptin, Veratide, Verapil, Raserpamil, Apo-verap, Manidon, Isoptino, Verpamil, Novo-veramil, Dilacoran, Lodixal, Veramil, Vasomil, Verdilac, Akilen, Tarka, Verapabene, Cordimil, Bosoptin, Durasoptin, Dilacoron, Isocor, Univer, Verahexal, Veracal, Zolvera, Verelan, Veraken, Isoptina sr, Veraloc, Cronovera, Vertab, Fibrocard, Verapamilum, Covera-hs, Geangin, Anpec, Half securon, Cardiolen, Isoptine, Presocor, Falicard, Hormitol

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