Protonix (Pantoprazole)
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Product description: Protonix is in a group of drugs called proton pump inhibitors. It decreases the amount of acid produced in the stomach.
Active Ingredient: Pantoprazole
Protonix as known as: Pantor, Kuppam, Topan, Pantpas, Zepoxin, Pantium, Pantul, Leminter, Pantogen, Peptac, Pantocip, Pantus, Prolus-dsr, Pantocid, Rifun, Pantrafar, Panthec, Topraz, Pantofin, Pantolup, Pacid, Panloc, Pantonis, Natrii pantoprazolum, Pantoloc, Pantobex, Gastromax, Loxid, Lupipan, Pantocalm, Oritop, Trupan, Panpac, Protonex, Fulpan, Proloc, Pandev, Pantopan, Prazocid, Zipant, Sunpraz, Panum, Topra, Contix, Pantozol, Prazosan, Pepticool, Ciproton, Pantac, Panprabene, Zipantola, Noacid, Pantosec, Pantocal, Anesteloc, Newpan, Ulcepraz, Pantopaz, Pepcinova, Pentalink, Ozepran, Unigastrozol, Zoltex, Pentozed, Ulrid, Pantozole, Panzol, Pantacid, Anulacid, Pantodac, Eupanol, Pepmark, Zanpan, Protonil, Apazol, Tropaz, Pansec, Ulcotenal, Panpra, Pms-pantoprazole, Pantocar, Pantact, Zovanta, Zurcazol, Pantoprem, Pansafe, Pantoprazolum, Sipar, Pantopep, Nolpaza, Pantosil, Panopaz, Acipan, Zacpac, Pantopra, Pangest, Digene, Palio, Pantaz, Prazotel, Hasanloc, Singastril, Pantotab, Pantry, Eupantol, Ulcoreks, Supracam, Protium, Panpot, Pantra, Pantip, Pentium, Propanz, Panzo, Pole, Propanta, Prazolan, Prasocid, Panprozole, Panto basics, Pandon, Anagastra, Ulcemex, Pantogamma, Pantoc, Pantocas, Penkool, Razon, Gastrowell, Gastroprozal, Inipomp, Pulcet, Panbloc, Cool pan, Pents, Topzole, Pantid, Zurcale, Caprol, Tifizol, Pantonix, Pantoprazol, Ziprol, Apton, Pansa, Protin-p, Progen, Contracid, Zovanta-40, Pantecta, Aciban, Zimpax, Ugarpan, Tonval, Pepzol, Zolpanz, Panto-byk, Pentastar, Segregam, Zurcal, Regad, Controloc, Panto, Peptazol, Pentagon, Panz, Pantop, Pantin, Penta, Pantodar, Pantagon, Pantorc, Pantabol, Tecta, Normocid, Panpro

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